Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Bony Pony Ranch Clothing getting featured in Rachel Ray Magazine

This is really exciting!!!
We now get to show everyone how amazing our Bony Pony Ranch Foundation is with a layout in the August issue of Rachel Ray Magazine. One thing we have to let everyone know is that 100% of our proceeds goes back to the Bony Pony Ranch Foundation.

Make sure to stay tuned to see where else BPR can be seen!!


Talking fashion and giving back with Wendy Bendoni of Bony Pony Ranch

Listen by Clicking HERE!

Friday, May 1, 2009

Bony Pony Ranch has a "Night of Beauty" with Dr. Frank Ryan

Dr. Frank Ryan hosted an amazing event called the "Night Of Beauty" at his office in Beverly Hills and Bony Pony Ranch Clothing Line got a front row seat.

The evening started off with delightful pomegranate cocktails and yummy health conscious appetizers for all the guests to enjoy. The highlight for me that evening was the amazing response to volunteers wanting to be apart of the Bony Pony Ranch Foundation. Almost everyone who heard about the BPR Foundation wanted to do some amazing mentoring at our summer camps. Some of the guests even wanted to sponsor specialty camps such as a Science Camp and a Theatre Camp.

The night was full of treats for all from cupcakes to exploring the night of some amazing beauty products and treatment. I even walked away with some of Dr Ryan's own skincare line that my husband is trying to steal from me.

Thanks to everyone for all the BPR support and helping make this summer program the best ever!

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