Saturday, December 13, 2008

E! "The Girls Next Store" Alert!!

Bony Pony Ranch Fashion Alert!
Holly is going to wear her Bony Pony Ranch shirt tonight on E! Kendra Wilkinson has been wearing it for the new seasons promo
but now Holly Madison is wearing the BPR Malibu gear.

We love the support! Now if only we can get our Gossip Girls to wear are shirt out!

Shop for Holly tank at

Signing out your Bony Pony Ranch Gal.... Wendy Bendoni

Free Gear on Bony Pony Ranch Clothing site

Hey gals!!
Holidays budgets are tight so we have discounted the prices for the holiday season.
GOOD NEWS every sale still gives 100% of the proceeds to the kids of the Bony Pony Ranch Foundation!!
Bonus!!! Free Malibu Map Gift bag with your order over $100.
The Hills, Girls Next Store, Pussycat Dolls, Nicole Richie, and many more are all getting their Bony Pony Ranch Gear on this season!

Take care and have fun holiday shopping!!
Signing out your Bony Pony Ranch Gal....Wendy Bendoni

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Bony Pony Ranch Foundation at Harry Winston, Beverly Hills

December 4, 2008
"Denim and Diamonds"
The House of Harry Winston hosted a benefit for the Bony Pony Ranch Foundation.
A night to remember with loads of diamonds and golden horseshoes. We did our best to
bring a little country to The House of Harry Winston. I had models that were walking the three floors
decked out in western attire from cowboy hats to boots from Bony Pony Ranch. Mind you the guests
of the event were in formal attire from Givenchy to Prada. Nobu donated all the appetizers and Cristal Champagne
was also donated. Dr Frank Ryan was there to support his foudation with friends like Nutritionist to the Stars Rehana Jalili and
sports fitness guru Gunnar Pertson. What an event this was and thanks to everyone who made it possible!
Now onto making a sweater out of Alpaca yarn from Cocoa Puff hair from the ranch.
Signing out...Your Bony Pony Ranch Gal, Wendy Bendoni 100% of our proceeds goes to sponsor a child!

PS. In case you are wondering I didn't buy anything from Harry Winston but I did make a wish list.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Bony Pony Ranch Foundation

Donate today to the Bony Pony Ranch Foundation and receive a FREE on-line shopping card.

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Wednesday, November 19, 2008

BPR goes diamond shopping!

Getting ready for our big event on Rodeo Dr in Beverly HIlls...shhhh it's a secret.
Just note you need lots of diamonds to get in.

100% of our proceeds goes back into the BPR Foundation.

Get your bling on and support the Bony Pony Ranch Foundation KIDZ!!!
Go shopping!
Check out our site and see how to sponsor a child for a day at the ranch or mentor!

Saturday, November 1, 2008

Bony Pony Ranch Fashion Show

Social Hollywood was the scene of the Fall 2008 Bony Pony Ranch fashion show. Opening the show was The Bachelor's Shayne Lamas, who wore classic Bony Pony gear, including the signature BPR straw cowboy hat. As she turned at the end of the runway, she flung the hat far into the air and it landed in the hands of ... Dr. Ryan!

The other models followed wearing items from the Spring/Summer 2009 Bony Pony Ranch collection and Camp Beauty collection. A swimsuit custom designed for The Hills' Heidi Montag was worn by one of the models. At the end of the show, designer Wendy Bendoni emerged onto the runway, accompanied by Shayne and one of the models, to a resounding standing ovation.

See for footage of the show.

Go shopping now at Bony Pony Ranch Clothing!