Thursday, February 26, 2009

Bony Pony Ranch Foundation in on YouTube!

Check us out on YouTube!

Where is Bony Pony Ranch?

Bony Pony Ranch is located in Malibu, California right off of Pacific Coast Highway. We host plenty of amazing events for the kids and social fund raisers to help support the Bony Pony Ranch Foundation. If you are interested in any information about our events please contact me directly and I will be sure to put you on our
event lists.

Interested in volunteering at our next Kids Camp at Bony Pony Ranch? Just let us know go to

Start to support BPR by shopping now at our site where 100% of our proceeds goes back to our kids charity.

Email me directly after you order and I will be sure to give you a FREE Bony Pony Ranch, Malibu horseshoe keychain!

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Thanks for the support!

Friday, February 20, 2009

Bony Pony Ranch Gets Knocked OFF

LOL. You just have to laugh at this. I found this company trying to sell a knock-off version of our shirt. Look at the horse...really do they think this looks like our Bony Pony horse. Joe Barbera the creator of Scobie Doo and The Jetsons created the Bony Pony Horse for Dr. Ryan's kids charity not for people to copy.

I am not sure if I am more scared of the designer who did this or the person who bought it.

Signing out!
Your Bony Pony Gal,
Wendy Bendoni

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Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Give a little love this Valentine's Day!

The count down is on for Valentine's Day and everyone is running around trying to figure out what to get.

Tomorrow night Dr. Frank Ryan will be having an amazing event at this office called "Night Of Beauty" special guests will be pampered and treated to luxury services. Pick up some Bony Pony Ranch (BPR) Gear in his office that night. What better way to send some love but buy items that give back to the BPR kids.

This Valentine's Day why not give some real love and give to a charity!!
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Your Bony Pony Ranch Gal
Wendy Bendoni

Friday, February 6, 2009

Did Someone Say Beach?

Working on our summer line we wanted to pull from our snowbunny gear from the holiday ski resorts.
Yes, sexy is bikini's and Uggs. Malibu clients even wanted us to do some BPR Uggs so lets see if we can make that happen.

Have a great weekend!
Shop today at BPR!

Signing out your BPR gal!
Wendy Bendoni

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

"When I grow up I want to be a cowgirl!"

There's a little cowgirl in all of us!
I have such a blast designing for the kids. What's great is at our events I make sure all the kids that come up to the ranch get a chance to try it all out. Bony Pony Ranch luvs little cowboy and cowgirls!

Pick up some cowboy and cowgirls socks on our here!

Signing off.

Your Bony Pony Ranch Gal
Wendy Bendoni

PS. My daughter is the one in the back who modeled here for LISA KLINE. We love LISA KLINE!!!

Monday, February 2, 2009

Who's Our Big Winner....

In truly Hollywood style, we are rolling out the red carpet for our Camp Beauty Bag winner. And the award (randomly picked) goes to...............................................................................................


Congrats to our lovely winner. And Thank You to all those who entered and are now followers of this blog!!